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Grilled "cheesy" toast with Tuscan tomato soup (1,7)

1090 HUF

Fried Sunday chicken breast with mashed potato and cucumber salad with sour cream (1,3,7)

1690 HUF

"Classic" Hungarian layered potato (potato, sausage, egg, sour cream, mozzarella) (1,3,7)

1590 HUF

Pulled Beef sandwhich(1,3,7)

grilled onion and cheese, fried beans and French fries

1950 HUF

Chicken "Katsu" burger (1,3,7)

with curry flavoured mayo and fried sweet potatoes

1790 HUF

Monte Cristo grilled sandwhich (1,3,7)

with cranberry flavoured onion jam and French fries

1790 HUF

BBQ & Bacon cheeseburger by Fricska (1,3,7)

with coleslaw and French fries

1990 HUF

Fried camambert burger with cranberry flavoured onion jam and French fries (1,3,7)

1790 HUF

The Fricska Goulash (AM)

an authentic Hungarian goulash with pepper from Szeged, tender beef meat and vegetables

1590 HUF

Polpetti (1,3,7)

fried chicken breast, ham, cheese roasted in the oven with spaghetti bolognese

2190 HUF

Downtown rolled turkey breast Kiev (1,3,7)

3 kinds of cheese, turkey breast rolls filled with homemade butter and fried in panko bread crumbs, steamed peas with bacon and fluffy mashed potato

2390 HUF

Francia hagymaleves (1,7)

cheddar sajtos toast-al

1090 HUF

MAC&Cheese (1,3,7)

1990 HUF


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1: Cereals containing gluten; 2: Crustaceans and products derived therefrom; 3: Eggs and egg products; 4: Fish and fish products; 5: Peanuts and products thereof; 6: Soybeans and products thereof; 7: Milk and products made from milk (including lactose); 8: Nuts and products thereof; 9: Celery and products thereof; 10: Mustard and products made from it; 11: Sesame seeds and products thereof; 12: Sulfur dioxide; 13: Lupine and products thereof; 14: Molluscs and products thereof; (C): contains sugar; (AM): Allergen free